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« How do your Google Ads show up on Google Maps? »

This is done through the magic of LOCAL SEARCH ADS. But as you will see, they’re really not that magical.

Local Search Ads are simply “standard” Google Search ads that use information pulled from Google My Business and your Location Extensions. They also have the added bonus of including your clickable phone number.

When somebody performs a search on ‹› or uses the Maps app, your ads are automatically eligible to appear on Google Maps.

But that’s ONLY true if you have completed the following steps:

  • ♦ Link Google Ads & Google My Business accounts
  • ♦ Update your Google My Business profile
  • ♦ Configure Location Extensions in Google Ads
  • ♦ Implement Location Targeting within a 50 mile radius around your address.

That final step isn’t technically required, but it will help beat your competition for the limited space on Google Maps.

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