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Let’s talk Google Ads Metrics shall we? I know… boring topic, but stay with me.

Specifically, I want to look at problem metrics. Meaning that if you see these in your campaign it should cause an immediate red flag in that brain of yours.

Money Spent but NO Conversions:
You spent money on clicks but after a few month’s time zero conversions. Don’t get paranoid though. It could be that your ‘conversion tracking’ is broken. If not, take one Ad Group and replace all the ads with some new ones.
High Ad Impressions but Low CTR:
If you see this head straight to your Search Terms Report. Identify which queries have the most impressions compared to how many clicks they get.
Ad in Position 1 but FEW Clicks:
Wow, your ad must not be very appealing because everybody is skipping past it. Time to “go back to the drawing board” and get creative.

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