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Afraid of change? Don’t be.
But you should at least know what to expect when it occurs.

Below are a few items you should pay attention to when switching from manual to automated bidding.

When you make the switch you could get the ‘Limited By Budget’ notification. Don’t worry; this is normal. That’s because all automation (& not just Google’s) requires a certain amount of data to function.

The notification means your daily budget is depleted well before end-of-day.

No problem but you must “raise your cap”. SLOWLY increase your budget every 2 days until the message disappears.

When we humans decide to try something new we go through a ‘learning phase’. Algorithms are no different. The moment you flip the automation switch your ad campaign goes into a learning period.

Leave the campaign alone for 2-3 weeks (except to SLOWLY raise your budget as i mentioned above).

During this time machine learning is trying different combinations, experimenting, learning by trial-and-error. The algorithm also uses prior historical performance.

The most important advice I can give you is… “don’t make any decisions about the effectiveness of automated bidding during the learning phase”.

You could see your cost-per-click increase. Or your conversions decrease. But this learning phase is NO INDICATION of how automated bidding will perform over time.

Sometimes you might see your ad campaign with different statuses.

Keep in mind that pausing and unpausing a campaign, or making significant changes can throw it back into the learning phase.

Status changes that occur by going «in and out of the learning phase» can affect the performance of automated bidding.