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Structured Snippet Extensions in AdWords: Get Clicks


I. Introduction

Hello Internet Advertising Professionals, and anybody who wants to become an AdWords Pro. Welcome to ADWORDS WEEKEND video tutorial #1 covering the topic of “Structured Snippet Extensions In AdWords: Get More Clicks”.

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Now let’s create a Structured Snippet Extension.

II. What Is Ad Rank?

To begin, the reason all Ad Extensions are so important is because of Ad Rank. Ad Rank is how Google determines which ad should appear in position 1 or position 2 or 3; or poor guy, lost down at the very bottom of the page.

There are 3 main criteria that AdWords uses to calculate Ad Rank:

  • Bid Amount
  • Quality Score
  • Ad Extensions

So if you want your ad to appear near the top of Google, you better start creating some Ad Extensions. If not, you will pay significantly more than others to get into ad position 1 or 2.

III. What Are Structured Snippet Ad Extensions?

The best way to describe ’Structured Snippet Extensions’ is to look at some examples. Here we have 4 different ones.

The first one uses the Header category called Types, followed by a colon. There are numerous Header Categories from which to choose, which we will see shortly. In this first example, is a travel agency, so notice the words they chose to include within the Types category.

The second example is a law firm. Attorneys provide a service, so naturally they chose Services as their Header Category. See the text they entered? These text items after the colon are called Values, and you can write between 3 to 10 of them.

It looks like #3 is a clothing store, so it makes sense to choose Styles as the Header, followed of course by different styles of clothing.

If you have a client in the insurance business, #4 is for them. The Header category is called Insurance coverage. The ad then lists several values, which are the different coverages that they offer.

All right, enough examples, let’s create a Structured Snippet Ad Extension.

IV. Begin Creating Your Ad Extension

On the left sidebar find Ads & Extensions, then click the EXTENSIONS tab at the top. If this is your first time, your ’Ad Extensions Summary Screen’ will be blank. Mine is not; I have already created several different extensions that you see here in the list.

To create a new Ad Extension, click the blue + button to begin the process.

V. Different Types Of Ad Extensions

After clicking the blue + icon, you are presented with the complete list of Ad Extensions that AdWords offers. The one we want for this video tutorial is Structured Snippet Extension. Select it and let’s start writing.

VI. Structured Snippet Creation Screen

Everything you type to create a Structured Snippet is on this one screen. Notice the right half is a live preview that updates itself as you complete the page.

AdWords first shows you what an Ad Extension will look like on a mobile phone. The Structured Snippet portion is highlighted in white. Click this arrow at the top to see what it will look like on a tablet, laptop, or desktop.

VII. Structured Snippet Creation Screen (continued)

Here is the default preview for a laptop or tablet. Now to begin, the first thing you must decide is where, or at what level, you want to create the Structured Snippet Extension. That’s this drop-down arrow at the top.

Your choices are:

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group

I always like to start with broad and generic Ad Extensions, so let’s go with Account.

After that, click Select Header Type

VIII. Structured Snippet Headers

As we go through this Structured Snippet setup screen, try to visualize those 4 examples that I started with.

So here you see the entire list of Header categories. For this tutorial, I’m creating a Structured Snippet for a landscape company. That’s a service type business, so I’ll choose Service Catalog.

IX. Structured Snippet Values

The Values are the text items that follow the colon after the Header name. For ’Service Catalog’ AdWords uses an example of a car mechanic. Notice the 3 sample Values it provides. And you can create up to 10 of them by clicking this blue ADD VALUE link.

But now I want to create my own for the landscape business.

X. Structured Snippet Values (continued)

Here you see the 3 Values for the landscape company that I just typed in. Remember, you can write up to 10 of them, which all display on a line separated by commas. With that in mind, this is how I recommend you approach the text values.

If you write Values that are several words long like I did here, then I would just stick with 3 of them. Why? Well notice how they look in the preview. They can get long and crowded very quickly.

Or you could write just 1-2 word text Values such as “New Grass” or “New Sprinkler”. In that case, it’s safe to create 5-10 of them.

In either case, notice that you can type up to 25 characters per Value. That’s a terrible idea; don’t do it. Why is that you ask? Well, go ahead and fill up all your text Values with 25 characters, and then look at the preview ad on the right to see what you get. Remember an important advertising rule: “more is not always better”.

XI. Structured Snippet Advanced Options

To finish, let’s look at Advanced Options, which are optional, and all about Ad Extension scheduling.

The first option is Start Date. By default, your Structured Snippet Extension will begin appearing immediately after you click SAVE. But what if you want it to start next week for an upcoming promotion? Or maybe not until next month’s holiday special. Then type in a future date here.

You would set the second option, End Date for a similar reason. For example, perhaps you wrote a Structured Snippet to only run for the Christmas season in December?

The final ’Advanced Option’ is Extension Schedule. This does exactly what you would expect. For example, I set the landscape company’s Structured Snippet to only appear in ads during the weekend.

Now click SAVE and we are done.

XII. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

You are now returned to the Ad Extensions Summary Screen where we began. Here you can see the Structured Snippet that I just created. After you create many Ad Extensions, this list will become quite long. That’s because it defaults to showing All Ad Extensions as you can see with this link here.

XIII. Filter Your List Of Ad Extensions

To filter your list to see only specific types of Ad Extensions, click the Extension Type link and check the boxes for the ones you want to see. Click APPLY and the others will be filtered out.


Awesome, you made it to the end. Let’s finish with a few Summary Tips.


Thanks for joining me for this episode of ADWORDS WEEKEND as we looked at the topic of “Structured Snippet Extensions In AdWords: Get More Clicks“. I hope you found it helpful.

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Hope to see you for tutorial #2.

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