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Sitelink Extensions In AdWords: How To Properly Create


I. Introduction

Welcome Internet Advertising Professionals, and all you happy people who want to become an AdWords Pro. You are watching another episode of ADWORDS WEEKEND with video tutorial #2. Our topic is “Sitelink Extensions In AdWords: How To Properly Create”.

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Okay folks, let’s create some Sitelink Extensions.

II. What Is A Sitelink Extension?

Of the many ad extensions that AdWords offers, you will frequently see Sitelink Extensions as a popular one to implement. And it’s no wonder. Have a look at these 2 ads. Notice the amount of space they occupy, and imagine the attention they garner when appearing at the top of the page. Even better, they can appear anywhere: on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

The ad on the left is for a mobile phone; the one on the right displays on laptop or desktop computers. You immediately notice one distinction: the desktop Sitelink Extension has 2 description lines underneath the blue link; the mobile version does not. That makes perfect sense, because space is limited on your phone.

Regardless, the important point is that each type provides 4 extra links that must point to 4 unique landing pages on your website. Use them to your advantage.

III. Begin The Set Up Process

Great, let’s begin the setup. On the left sidebar click Ads & Extensions, and then the EXTENSIONS tab at the top. If this is your first time, your extensions list will be empty like mine is here.

You are familiar with this blue round + icon. Click it to create a new Sitelink Extension. As a side note, this other smaller + icon below does the exact same thing. And I have no idea why we need 2 of them, but let’s continue.

IV. Choose The Ad Extension Type

After clicking that blue + icon, you see all the types of Ad Extensions that AdWords provides. Not surprisingly, the most popular one — Sitelink — is at the top of the list. Choose it and let’s start creating.

V. The Main Configuration Screen

All of the settings to create a Sitelink Extension are on this one page. But don’t worry, anything you input here can be changed later as needed.

On the right half of the screen is a live preview of what your Sitelink will look like on mobile and desktop. It updates as you complete the page. Toggle between the mobile view and desktop or laptop view using these 2 arrows here at the top.

VI. Where To Create The Sitelink

We begin at the top with the question of where do you want to add the Sitelink. Your choices are… the AdWords Account, add it to a Campaign, or to an Ad Group.

For this tutorial I plan to create a broad and generic Sitelink, so AdWords Account is the best choice for where I want to add it.

VII. Sitelink Text

Sitelink Text refers to the blue link text. These links appear in a group of 4, which means that when you’re done watching this video, you get the privilege of performing these steps 3 more times.

While creating your 4 Sitelink Extensions, the most important thing to keep in mind is that each one must point to a different landing page, and you must NOT repeat the link text.

Notice here that you get up to 25 characters for the link text. However, I recommend limiting your links to 20 characters because Google will often truncate the lines depending upon the users screen size.

VIII. Description Line 1 & Line 2

Remember the example desktop Sitelink that I started this video with. In a desktop or laptop ad, the blue Sitelinks may appear with 2 lines of description text underneath. That’s what this is.

But please note that I said ”may appear”. In other words, even on a desktop computer, the AdWords algorithm could decide to display the 4 Sitelinks WITHOUT any of the text that you type here.

Regardless of that, and even though it does say (optional), please don’t be lazy. You should enter 2 relevant descriptions.

I said 2, because each line is treated separately. Don’t look at these lines as a single sentence, because AdWords could decide to only display the first line. Notice here that you have up to 35 characters per line. But I will repeat my same advice: due to the unpredictable truncation of lines, don’t use all 35 characters.

IX. Sitelink Preview For Desktop

To see your 2 description lines in action, click the arrow at the top right to see a preview of your ad on a desktop computer. This could also be on a laptop or tablet.

X. Final URL and Advanced Options

The Final URL is the complete website address or path to the landing page that the Sitelink takes you to. Remember, when you create 4 Sitelinks, you must use 4 different Final URLs.

Now to finish creating the Sitelink Extension, you have 3 Advanced Options. These are optional.

If you are creating a Sitelink ahead of time for a promotion or holiday or special offer, then you don’t want it to begin immediately. That’s why you have the option of choosing a Start Date. You can also set an End Date for the same reasons.

And finally you can set this to a schedule such as weekends, or Monday through Friday, or to only run during the promotional period.

Now click SAVE and we’re finished.

XI. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

You are now returned to the Ad Extensions Summary screen. Here you see the Sitelink Extension that we just created.

If you want to go back and make any changes, here’s that standard pencil icon that you click to edit your settings.

XII. Ad Extension Edit Screen

Upon clicking the pencil icon, up pops this small editor window where you can make changes. You can also click this arrow at the top right to return to the full set up screen just as if you were creating a new Sitelink Extension.

One more item to mention about this Ad Extensions Summary Screen. All of the different types of ad extensions that you create will be listed here, but all mixed together.

So to segment your list, click this link labeled Extension Type.

XIII. Filter The Display Of Your Ad Extensions

Now simply check the boxes for the Ad Extensions that you want to see, and all the other ones will be filtered out.


Congratulations, you stayed with me until the end. Now how about some Summary Tips:


Thank you for joining me for this episode of ADWORDS WEEKEND covering the subject of “Sitelink Extensions In AdWords: How To Properly Create“. I hope this helped you.

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And I’ll see you again for tutorial #3.

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