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« How do you put SELLER RATINGS in your ads? »

You don’t!
Okay I confess, it’s “sort of” a trick question.

That’s because Seller Ratings are an Automated Extension that Google sometimes inserts into your Search ads or Shopping ads.

I’m sure you have noticed those 4 or 5 bright yellow stars that often appear underneath a text ad? That’s the Seller Rating Extension.

But relax. Google won’t ruin your client’s business by showing 1 or 2 stars. The minimum rating is 3.5.

Regardless, I mention today’s topic regarding Seller Ratings to remind you that it’s possible to turn off Automated Extensions.

  • Dynamic Sitelinks
  • Dynamic Callouts
  • Dynamic Structured Snippets
  • Automated App Extensions
  • Automated Location Extensions
  • Automated Call Extensions
  • Seller Ratings
  • Longer Ad Headlines

How to disable ALL or SOME of the above…

On the left side menu select «Ads & Extensions», and then «Automated Extensions» tab at top. Look for the «3-dot ‘more’» icon on far right and click «Advanced Settings»

On the screen you will see the list of all Automated Extensions. They’re ON by default. You can turn OFF any of them.