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Review Extensions In AdWords: Show Off Your Business


I. Introduction

Hola Internet Advertising Professionals, and anybody who wants to become an AdWords Pro. How nice, you have returned for another episode of ADWORDS WEEKEND. We are on video tutorial #5 regarding “Review Extensions In AdWords: Show Off Your Business”.

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Okay everybody, let’s write a Review Extension.

II. What Is An AdWords Review Extension?

But before we create one, you probably want to know what the end result looks like in an actual ad. Here’s a good example. You can see that it’s simply a short review line followed by the name of the publisher or website where the review ACTUALLY appears.

That last part is the most important. It must be a real and valid review posted on a third-party website. In other words, not another website affiliated with you, and certainly not a review posted on your Mother’s blog. You get the idea.

III. Review Extension Summary Screen

It’s just 2 clicks to start configuring any type of Ad Extension: The Ads & Extensions menu item here on the left followed by selecting the EXTENSIONS link at the top.

That puts us into the Ad Extensions Summary Screen which is a long list of every extension you have created in your AdWords account. To make this Extensions list more manageable, click this Filter link that currently says Extension Type: All.

IV. Filter The Ad Extensions List

Oh, that’s much better. Now check the box or boxes of the Extensions that you want to see and the others will be hidden. We are here to write a Review Extension. That’s the only one I care to see at the moment so check its box.

V. Review Extensions List

If you have not yet written any Review Extensions then your list will be empty as mine is here. Click the large blue + icon to create your new Review Extension.

This brings up the complete list of the Extension types. Click Review Extension and let’s build it.

VI. Review Extension Configuration Screen

Just like other Extensions, we do all the configuration here on this one screen. The first thing I’d like you to take note of is that the preview image on the right only shows a desktop ad, and the usual arrows above it that allow you to switch to the mobile version are missing.

Well, that’s certainly an obvious hint to the fact that a Review Extension only appears on a tablet or laptop or desktop computer. Sorry mobile phone, but NO.

To begin, the most logical starting point is here at the top left where you must decide if you want to create this Review Extension at the Account level, Campaign, or Ad Group.

I always create my first Extension at the Account level. I do this as my default extension or fallback extension, knowing that later on if I create additional ones inside of a Campaign or Ad Group they will override the Extensions at the Account level.

Remember this AdWords rule: ”the more specific setting always wins”.

VII. Review Extension Configuration Screen (continued)

For this tutorial I’m going to assume that I’m writing this Review Extension for a coffee cafe. Notice this number here. You are allowed a total of 67 characters on these 2 lines, which INCLUDES the name of source.

I typed in my review: “Not the cheapest cup of coffee, but one of the best”. And on the second line, who published this review: “Restaurant Times”. And on the third line I enter the web address for Restaurant Times.

Now, there is one important restriction regarding a review. According to AdWords documentation, you can’t mention the businesses’ name in the review. So I shouldn’t type in something like “Starbucks has the best coffee”. That might get the Review Extension disapproved.

Now look at the 2 radio buttons directly underneath. 67 characters is quite short, and even shorter because that includes the publishers name. Having said that, most reviews that you type in here will probably be paraphrased. But if it really is an extremely short review, click Exact Quote.

To finish up, the 3 items under Advanced Options are optional and all about scheduling. For a Review Extension, you most likely won’t need to set any type of schedule.

Click SAVE and let the world discover the best coffee.

VIII. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

We are back where we began in the Ad Extensions Summary Screen. Here’s my Review. It’s the only item listed because the view filter is still set to Review Extension.

IX. Ad Extensions Filter List

To change that, click the blue filter link and select the box All Extension Types to display your complete list.

X. Summary Tips

Excellent. I’ll finish with my usual Summary Tips:


We are done. Yet another ADWORDS WEEKEND completed. Hopefully you learned something new as we experienced “Review Extensions In AdWords: Show Off Your Business”.

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Hope to see you again for tutorial #6.

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