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3/15/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION:&nsbp;A few times I have looked at my Search Terms Report and noticed that a keyword had only 1 impression but received 2 clicks. How is this possible?

3/08/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: I sometimes get this message for my keywords: ‘Your ad isn’t showing for this keyword right now’? I was wondering, what causes this message?

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3/01/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: If I bid $1.00 dollar for a keyword, will Google Ads automatically lower my bid when there is little competition?

2/22/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: I assumed that my brand name keywords would automatically receive a high Quality Score. But two of them have a QS of 6? Any recommendations on how to raise it?

2/15/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: When Google calculates my Quality Score, does it analyze my entire website, or only the single landing page that I assign to each ad?

2/08/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: I need help figuring out the key difference between 2 bid strategies: ‘Maximize Clicks’ versus ‘Target Search Page Location’?

2/01/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: In one of my Google Ads campaigns some ads appear with Location Extensions, but I have not added any for this campaign. Where does this come from?

1/25/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: The bid strategies ‘Maximize Conversions’ and ‘Enhanced Cost Per Click’ both say they adjust your bids in order to get the most conversions. If so, what’s the difference between the two?

1/18/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: I have an ad campaign set to a specific zip code, but when I am within that zip code and I perform a search, my ad does not appear?

1/11/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: Why does my Cost-Per-Click frequently change? Yesterday I put it at $2.00 dollars, but today I have seen it above and below that?

1/04/2019 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: I notice that in some of my ad campaigns, why do the keywords cost twice as much Monday-Friday compared to the weekend?

12/28/2018 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: Next to some of my keywords is a red message that says ‘low search volume, ad isn’t showing now’. These are valid keywords so why do I get this message?

12/21/2018 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: I am advertising to ‘Google Search Partners’ but I would like to exclude a few of them. How can I do this?

12/14/2018 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: I am running remarketing campaigns, and I would like to know if my remarketing lists overlap in any way, will my campaign performace be affected?

12/07/2018 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: On the Google Display Network my impression share is below 50%. What can I do to improve this?

11/30/2018 Google Ads Q&A Friday

QUESTION: How specific must I be when I’m writing my negative keywords list? For example, the term “girl’s shirts” has an apostrophe, but should I write the apostrophe when I put it inside my negative keywords list?

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