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Promotion Extensions In AdWords For Special Offers


I. Introduction

All aboard Internet Advertising Professionals. Do you want to become an AdWords Pro. Then welcome to ADWORDS WEEKEND. Thanks for hanging out with me. We are on video tutorial #9 – “Promotion Extensions In AdWords For Special Offers”.

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Now let’s write some Promotion Extensions.

II. Promotion Extensions Example

My favorite place to begin starts with some examples.

Direct your eyes to the ad on the left and at the bottom: “20% Off Women’s Shoes”. There is also some additional text underneath that further describes the sale. All of this represents an AdWords Promotion Extension.

Next is the ad on the right. It is slightly different with all of the text occurring on a single line. Notice that the company also includes a Promotion Code, so during the checkout process the Buyer will type in the code ’FRIENDS’ to receive the 20% off.

How clever is that. Needless to say, Promotion Extensions receive a significant increase in conversions and can be a gold mine for eCommerce websites.

With that said, let’s see one in action.

III. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

Start on the Ad Extensions Summary Screen by selecting Ads & Extensions followed by the EXTENSIONS menu item at the top.

Here is that “ever so familiar” blue + button which begins the creation process.

IV. List Of Ad Extensions

Promotion Extension is Google’s newest invention, so you will find it at the bottom of the list. Select it and let’s create one.

V. Promotion Extensions Configuration Screen

The logical place to begin is always at the top left where you must decide where in AdWords you want to create this extension: the Account, Campaign, or Ad Group level. Since this is my first one, I will stick with Account.

VI. Choose The Occasion For The Special Offer

Next up is the section where you choose the Special Occasion for this particular Promotion Extension. There are currently 12 occasions on this list, but by the time you watch this video there will probably be many, many more.

Everybody likes Valentine’s Day don’t they? I’ll choose that for our example.

VII. Choose The Currency For This Promotion Extension

Before we continue any further, notice how the preview ad on the right dynamically updates as you make your choices on this screen. Thus far we only have Valentine’s Day showing in the preview.

Also notice that after I chose Valentine’s Day, AdWords inserted some instructions underneath: “Valentine’s Day promotions are only eligible to show from Jan 15 – Feb 28.” Pay attention to this, because AdWords inserts an eligible date range for every one of the Occasions.

Below this is the section to choose the Currency for the discount that your client is offering. This is required because a Promotion Extension by default refers to a monetary discount. In other words, you cannot write a Promotion Extension that says something like “Free Shipping If You Order today”.

Your currency options are… US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, New Zealand Dollar.

VIII. Promotion Type

Next to Currency you see 4 options under Promotion Type. Now just a small piece of advice here. If the value of the product or service is less than $100 dollars, choose Percent Discount. If it’s greater than $100 dollars, choose Monetary Discount.

This is simply a little trick regarding how the human mind perceives and interprets which amount provides the largest discount.

IX. Promotion Item

Let’s move on to Promotion Item, Final URL, and Promotion Details. The first 2 require little explanation. I will assume that my client is a florist who is offering a Dozen Roses at 15% off, and I typed in the URL of the web page where you will find these roses.

Now think of Promotion Details as “conditions for the promotional item”. So, the Shopper can receive the discount if the order is over a specified amount. Or, the Shopper can receive the discount if he enters a Promo Code. We saw this in one of the ad examples that I started this video with.

X. Promotion Dates

Have a look at the ad preview for the Promotion Extension on the right. We have created a Valentine’s Day promotion of 15% off a dozen roses but only for orders over $30 dollars and only valid February 1 – February 14.

Now to finish, let’s look at the 2 sections regarding date ranges. At first glance, this seems confusing. Why are there 2 date ranges?

The first section of dates is the text that actually appears in the ad, and it defines when Shoppers will be able to purchase these roses at the discounted price. In my example, Feb 1 – 14.

But now think about how you would really advertise this promotion. Do you want to begin running these ads with the Promotion Extension on February 1? Of Course not. You should start running the ads several days beforehand in order to notify Shoppers about your client’s upcoming Valentine’s Day special offer.

That’s what this final section is for. It’s the ad schedule. In my example, I will start running the Promotion Extension on January 24th, one week before the roses actually go on sale.

Thanks for sticking with me everybody. That’s it. Now click SAVE.


I’ve got some SUMMARY TIPS for you.


Thanks for joining me for this episode of ADWORDS WEEKEND as we looked at “Promotion Extensions In AdWords For Special Offers“. I hope you found it helpful.

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