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Price Extensions In AdWords: Numbers Always Attract

[ 2017 VIDEO TUTORIAL 12 ]

I. Introduction

Welcome Internet Advertising Professionals, and the fine folks who are training to become AdWords Pros. You know the drill, it’s ADWORDS WEEKEND featuring video tutorial #12 – “Price Extensions In AdWords: Numbers Always Attract”.

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Here we go with AdWords Price Extensions.

II. Price Extension Cards

Price Extensions certainly do have a unique appearance. Look at the Preview Screen on the right. This extension isn’t just text. The prices are displayed as 8 cards in a carousel or showcase style.

The format of these 8 cards changes according to your selection in this Type category. So what does that look like?

III. What Are The ’Type’ Choices

As of this recording in December 2017 there are 9 price categories called Types. I’m not going to bore you by defining each of these. That’s a quick lookup in the AdWords support docs.

But I will make one important observation. The Price Types include services as well as products. See the bottom 3 on the list. So this extension is NOT just for your ecommerce clients.

IV. ‘Price Qualifier’ Options

Choose your Price Qualifier carefully because it will appear as text in the ad. You don’t want to mislead customers and have them feel like this is “bait and switch” pricing because you made a wrong choice here.

If your client’s price structure has a base or minimum amount and then rises from there, choose From. If there is a maximum ceiling, of course choose Up To.

Or maybe the low and high prices aren’t important because your client’s customers are NOT ’price sensitive’. In that case go for Average.

Before I move on, notice these Price Extension Item. You fill these out to create the price cards that you see in the Preview.

V. ‘Price Extension Item’ Fields

The configuration in this section is self explanatory. As you complete the Price Extension Item lines, look at the Preview on the right to see how they appear in the ’price cards’.

Really just one important point I need to make. The domain of the Final URL must be the same domain as the text ad to which this Price Extension is attached.

Remember, you can create 8 ’price cards’ using this section.


Good, you made it to the end, now how about some SUMMARY TIPS.

Price Extensions appear on laptop/desktop, tablets, phones.
You can edit and change Price Extensions at any time without affecting its performance statistics.
The cost for a click on a ’price card’ is the same as a click on the text ad. And although you can list up to 8 prices, you will only be charged for a maximum of 2 clicks. Thank you Google.


Say goodbye to video tutorial 12 – “Price Extensions In AdWords: Numbers Always Attract”. And goodbye to this ADWORDS WEEKEND. I appreciate you being here.

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