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Message Extensions In AdWords: An Alternative To Calls

[ 2017 VIDEO TUTORIAL 11 ]

I. Introduction

Hey there Internet Advertising Professionals, and future AdWords Pros. That’s right, it’s ADWORDS WEEKEND. Glad you could join me for video tutorial 11 – “Message Extensions In AdWords: An Alternative To Calls”.

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Are you ready to write an AdWords Message Extension.

II. AdWords Message Extension Example

I will start by showing exactly what one looks like. The picture on the left is an ad that appears on a mobile phone. The last line is the Message Extension which contains an icon and a short phrase.

When a Searcher clicks on that line, his phone’s built-in SMS text message app opens with a text message that was automatically generated from AdWords. The Searcher can add some of his own text, or even delete this pre-filled text, and then hit send.

This begins the conversation with you, the Advertiser. You have to admit, that’s quite clever.

III. Ad Extension Summary Screen

To create a Message Extension we always start at the same place, this Message Extension Summary Screen. You get here by clicking Ads & Extensions in the left sidebar and then the EXTENSIONS tab at the top.

Here you see a list of every ad extension in your account. Click the blue + button to create a new one.

IV. Select the Ad Extension Type

This brings up the complete list of Ad Extensions from which to choose. Select Message Extension and you are on your way.

V. Message Extension Configuration Screen

Just like with other ad extensions, the entire configuration is completed on this one screen. Starting at the top, you must first choose where to create the Message Extension: at the Account level or Campaign or Ad Group.

My strategy is to always create my first Ad Extension at the Account level, because anytime I want, I can later create additional ones for a Campaign or Ad Group. These will override the Message Extension at the Account level.

Section #2 is the target country and a phone number that can send and receive SMS text messages. It must be a phone number local to the chosen country, and typed in the appropriate format for that country.

Section #3 is Extension Text. Out of the entire screen, this is the ONLY item that will actually appear in the ad. It’s the short phrase next to the text message icon. I’m assuming this is for a hair salon, so I typed “Send me a text to schedule”. 35 characters are allowed, but a good general rule to follow everywhere in AdWords is to NEVER use all available characters because lines are frequently cut off depending upon the User’s screen size.

Section #4 is Business Name. This is self-explanatory, but take a look at the bottom preview image on the right. This is NOT part of the ad. It is a representation of the User’s text message app. Notice that the Business Name is automatically inserted into the User’s text message. In my example this is “Sally’s Salon”.

Section #5 is Message Text. Just like the Business Name, this is the pre-filled text message that AdWords inserts automatically into the User’s app when they click on your Message Extension in the ad.

Section #6 is Advanced Options, and as usual this allows you to set the Extension to a schedule. My recommendation is to schedule this exactly like your Call Extensions, which is to say, set your Message Extension to run ONLY when someone is available to immediately respond to the text messages. In my example I will assume that Sally’s Salon can answer text messages from 8:00-6:00 Monday-Friday.

Now click SAVE and get ready to respond to text messages from your prospects and customers.


As always I have some SUMMARY TIPS:


All done with video tutorial 11 – “Message Extensions In AdWords: An Alternative To Calls”. Thanks for being here for this ADWORDS WEEKEND.

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