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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with too much data coming from Google Ads?

When I reach that point I take one tactic: “Look at the PARTS, not the WHOLE”

In other words, focus on segments of your data.
Here are two examples:

1) Don’t look at performance by campaign; look at performance per device. Head straight to the DEVICES menu and evaluate your campaign by comparing the performance of desktops vs tablets vs mobile phones vs TV screens.

This granular view will give you better insights than looking at the whole campaign.

2) Here’s a similar concept. Instead of looking at your campaign by the week or month, filter it down to look at days or times of day.

For example, I was curious to know how one of my campaigns performed during the weekends only. So I took 3 months and segmented it into 13 weekends (Excel spreadsheet comes in handy).

Why do this? Because this segmented view gave me some hints as to changes I should make. Changes that would not have occurred to me if I had only looked at entire weeks.

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