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Since YouTube joined the Google Display Network (GDN) you can leverage this marriage in several ways. One of them is to show a local business address with directions underneath your video ads.

Didn’t know that was possible on YouTube?

It’s done via your Location Extension and shows in a separate box below ‘TrueView In-Stream’ video ads or underneath ‘bumper’ ads.

If you’ve heard the term “hyper-local advertising” — this is a perfect example. And your clients will love it.

It brings advanced location targeting into the video advertising world. Even better… your client doesn’t have to create new videos to take advantage of it.

« Great. But how does it work? »

If a NEARBY User is on YouTube and has expressed an interest in the local business, then the Location Extension is eligible to appear in a box underneath In-Stream and Bumper ads.

Assuming you have already enabled and configured your Location Extensions, NO additional configuration is required. Nice.

The goal of course is to attract more “foot traffic” into your client’s store or office. It’s the essence of HYPER-LOCAL ADVERTISING.

So… for your part.
Confirm that your Location Extensions are correctly setup, but most importantly, that they are 100% accurate.

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