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Location Extensions In AdWords: Get Customers To Your Store


I. Introduction

Bonjour Internet Advertising Professionals, and folks who want to become an AdWords Pro. You are watching ADWORDS WEEKEND video tutorial #6. What’s the title I hear you asking – “Location Extensions In AdWords: Get Customers To Your Store”.

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All right, let’s create some Location Extensions?

II. What Is An AdWords Location Extension?

My philosophy for learning is to always start with the end in mind, so as usual here are a few examples of ads with Location Extensions in them.

The ad on the mobile phone on the left is an excellent example of what a Location Extension looks like when the same store or restaurant has several locations nearby.

In this example, the user searched for “Buffalo Wild Wings”, which is a restaurant franchise in the United States, and it appears that there are 3 of them 8 to 17 miles away. You can see the addresses, but even better, all you have to do is click this directions icon and a map program opens to guide you there.

Also notice another cool feature. Even though this is a Location Extension, Google helps us out by also including the ability to call the restaurant directly simply by tapping this telephone icon.

I always like to be fair and give Bing some attention, so on the right is an extremely helpful Bing Location Extension. Look at all the information provided: complete addresses, phone numbers, plus 2 maps.

Great, so how do you set these up? Let’s have a look.

III. Begin The Setup For A Location Extension

We begin on the main Ad Extensions screen, which we access by clicking Ads & Extensions and then this EXTENSIONS tab here at the top. Here you’ll see every Ad Extension that you have created, but let’s filter it down to only show Location Extensions.

IV. Filter Down The Extensions List

Click this filter link Extension Type: All, check the box for Location Extension, click APPLY, and all the other Extensions will be filtered out.

V. Location Extension List

Here’s my empty list of Location Extensions. If this is your first time, yours too will be blank. No worries, just click this blue + icon to start creating your first Location Extension.

VI. Location Extension List (continued)

This presents you with the extremely long list of all possible AdWords Extensions, which seems to get bigger and bigger every year. Click Location Extension and let’s do this.

VII. Link AdWords To ’Google My Business’

Up until now, if you have been wondering where the location data comes from, here is your answer. AdWords pulls the information from your Google My Business account.

If you’re setting this up for your own business, linking your AdWords account to your Google My Business account is done automatically simply by selecting this first radio button.

However, the more likely scenario is that you are building Location Extensions for your clients. That’s what this second radio button is for. Select it, and then type in the email address that is associated with their Google My Business account. But please bear in mind that this email might NOT be the same email address that your client uses for their AdWords account.

After you type in your client’s Google My Business email address and click CONTINUE, he or she will receive an email request sent from AdWords, asking permission to link Google My Business to AdWords. After this step, the setup is the same for both options on this screen.

VIII. Link AdWords To ‘Google My Business’ (continued)

After you clicked CONTINUE, the next screen asks you to confirm which Google My Business locations you want to link AdWords to. Now, think back to the examples we started with that displayed several locations nearby? That’s because a single Google My Business account can have many locations or addresses inside it. For example, a client that has multiple offices, or restaurants, or stores.

In other words, this screen could show a list of numerous addresses that you need to verify. In my case, NO. I just have one office that you can see here, so I just need to click FINISH down here on the bottom right.

IX. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

After Configuring any Ad Extension you always end up on this same screen. Here’s the Location Extension that we just created. Notice that you only see one Extension here because the list is currently filtered to only show one Extension type.

As usual, to return to your complete list, just click this Filter link.

X. Summary Tips

Congratulations, people can now find you or your clients. How about a quick review?


ADWORDS WEEKEND completed with the tutorial “Location Extensions In AdWords: Get Customers To Your Store”.

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