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If you have local business clients that… “serve customers at the customer’s location”, then it’s common practice to set a SERVICE AREA RADIUS.

Great. So to get more business your ambitious Google Ads client tells you to set the distance he will travel to 100 miles. Here’s why that doesn’t work…

Google’s goal is to give Users RELEVANT information that matches what they searched for.

But even in remote locations, the search results page on your phone rarely shows local businesses that are 50-100 miles away. Even if it exactly matches the type of business the User is looking for.

We can deduce from this that the Google algorithm doesn’t consider a business that is further than 50 miles to be RELEVANT to the user. I hate driving — I agree.

How do I know?
I tested it. And I have read a few blog posts stating similar results.

Even though “Joe The Plumber” doesn’t mind driving 75 miles to fix a toilet, Google doesn’t believe that’s what the customer wants.

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