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Moving… Marriage… Graduation…
I know you have experienced at least one. These are “guaranteed to happen” life events — so leverage them with a YouTube or Gmail ad campaign.

If you have clients that provide products/services that touch any of these activities, you can acquire new customers by targeting the ‘Google Ads Audience’ called Life Events.

A few that come to mind:
wedding photographers; storage & moving companies; furniture companies; apartment location services.

“But how does Google know that people have recently experienced one of these events?”

By using machine learning to analyze User’s online behavior:

  • A woman searches for wedding or bridesmaid dresses
  • A mother searching for a graduation gift
  • Someone visits websites for “condos for rent”

But the beauty of Life Events Targeting is that you don’t have to stress about keywords. None required. And if you haven’t noticed by now — “non-keyword advertising“ is a direction Google is chasing.

Create a new campaign and choose VIDEO (for YouTube ads) or DISPLAY for advertising inside a User’s Gmail inbox.

« For clients that own a local business, Life Events Targeting could be the growth they’ve been waiting for. »