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“Just write more ads.”. It sounds too easy.
But you would be surprised at how many accounts I see with just one ad inside ad groups.

I get it.
Writing multiple ads (3-5) for every ad group can be boring. Tedious. Even annoying.

With so few characters allowed in a text ad, how in the world are you supposed to come up with 5 different creative ads that all target the same topic or theme?

And if you’re crazy enough to use ‘Single Keyword Ad Groups’ your writing job just got significantly harder.

« But if you want to DOMINATE your competition, writing numerous ads (…and often) is a priority. »

So here’s one strategy I use for multiple ads per ad group:

  1. Start by writing 5 ads
  2. Using the ‘optimize rotation setting’ Google will show the best of the 5 ads
  3. After 6 months delete the 2 worst
  4. Write another ad (1) and let go for 6 months
  5. Delete the worst ad and write another
  6. Repeat every 6 months with 4 ads always running

♦ The strategy is simple: with optimize ad rotation Google will always show your best 3 ads. Your part is to simply identify the 4th one, delete it, and write another.

More importantly, this solves your “ad writing fatigue” problem. For each of your ad groups you only have to write 1 ad every 6 months.

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