Dynamic Search Ads Questions Answered

I field plenty of questions regarding DYNAMIC SEARCH ADS (DSA). Let’s tackle just 2.5 of them…

♦ Will DSA interfere with my “regular” keywords?
In a perfect world… NO. Think of DYNAMIC SEARCH ADS as your backup for unknown keywords. If you have other keywords in your campaign that could also be used for DSA, the ads for those “regular” keywords get displayed IF they are an exact match.

♦ How can I be sure my DSA campaigns are working?
Find the ‘Website Coverage’ column in the Google Ads dashboard (add it if you must). This metric tells you the percentage of pages from your website that Google has indexed to serve as DSA auto targets.

NOTE: If this is a new campaign you should wait at least 3 days before you check the status of DYNAMIC SEARCH ADS.

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Beat Your Competitors Using Auction Insights

If you’re not using the Google Ads AUCTION INSIGHTS tool to spy on and beat your competition — you should be.

Here’s what you can discover…

◊ Who Are Your Biggest Competitors:
Look at the ‘Overlap Rate’. This identifies how often another person’s ad received an impression in the same auction that you did. Now you know who REALLY is your competition instead of who you THINK they might be.
◊ How Much Are Your Competitors Spending:
Look at the ‘Impression Share’. This one is just an estimate so let’s take a simple example. If your Impression Share is 35% but your competitor’s is 70%, you can “guess” that their Google Ads budget is double what yours is.
◊ Identify Competitor Campaigns That Are Performing Better Than You:
Look at the ‘Position Above Rate’. This describes THEIR position above YOU. (Ouch.) You might not like what you see. But now that you know you can do something about it.

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Don’t Forget Video Remarketing

We Advertisers constantly read about the power of ‘remarketing ads’. True enough… but I hear very little regarding the specifics of VIDEO REMARKETING. Let’s have a look:

I’m really referring to people who have seen your YouTube videos, so step #1 is to link your Google Ads acccount and your YouTube channel. Go to  TOOLS -> LINKED ACCOUNTS  to complete this.

That was easy:
Now you are ready to create video remarketing lists that you can use with 3 campaign types: Search Network, Display Network, Video campaigns.

Next up:
Go to Tools -> Shared Library -> Audience Manager. Here you will see the menu item AUDIENCE LISTS. Click the blue ‘+’ button, choose YouTube Users, and you’re off to the races.

Once your YouTube Remarketing List reaches 100 members (unique YouTube Viewers), you can use it for campaign targeting with Search, Display, Video.

You can of course use the YouTube Remarketing List any time you create a new campaign, …but you don’t have to wait. You can take an existing campaign (or Ad Group) and do it now.


  1. Go to the Campaign or Ad Group that you want to add a remarketing list to
  2. Click the AUDIENCES menu item on the left sidebar
  3. Add your YouTube Remarketing List as the target
  4. Select the options that fit your situation

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Advertise To All English Speakers

« So you want to advertise to English speakers all over the world? Sounds easy, right? »

You’re probably thinking, “I’ll just select ENGLISH under my campaign language setting and then write some ads.”

But you are ignoring something of extreme importance: much of the world speaks English as their SECOND LANGUAGE. English is NOT their native language. Think about the 28 countries of the European Union. Or how about India, South America, islands…

“So what” I hear you saying.

So the English speakers in those countries will probably have their WEB BROWSER LANGUAGE set to their native language. This means your ad will NOT appear even if they type their search in English instead of their native language.

Did you catch that last part?

Why does this happen?
Because the campaign language setting that I mentioned at the top refers to the language that your web browser or Google account is set to. You chose English, but they have theirs set to something else, …their native tongue.

What’s the solution?
I always select All Languages for my campaigns and then target by country (or large geographic area). Problem solved.

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How The Google Ads Auction Decides

Have you ever wondered EXACTLY how the ‘Google Ads Auction’ determines which ads to show? Here it is…

  1. BUDGET: Does your campaign have enough daily budget remaining? If not, NO ad.
  2. AD DELIVERY: If your campaign does have the budget, ‘Ad Delivery’ decides how quickly to show your ads (accelerated), or less frequently but throughout the day (standard).
  3. AD ROTATION: You have the budget; speed of delivery has been determined; ‘Ad Rotation’ decides which one of your ads to show.
  4. BID: What is this ‘Maximum Cost Per Click’ you are willing to pay for someone to click this ad?
  5. QUALITY SCORE: This helps determine your “REAL” cost-per-click. If it’s too low you will pay more.
  6. THE SEARCH: This includes the User’s search query, location, time of day, device used, etc.
  7. AD FORMAT: This includes the text, ad extensions, ad variables, dynamic ads, etc.

There you have it. That’s the infamous Google Ads Auction.

Now your job is to decide where on the Search Results Page you want your ad to appear, how often, and what you want that ad to look like. Your decision will dictate how you configure all of these settings.

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