Location Extensions In YouTube Ads

Since YouTube joined the Google Display Network (GDN) you can leverage this marriage in several ways. One of them is to show a local business address with directions underneath your video ads.

Didn’t know that was possible on YouTube?

It’s done via your Location Extension and shows in a separate box below ‘TrueView In-Stream’ video ads or underneath ‘bumper’ ads.

If you’ve heard the term “hyper-local advertising” — this is a perfect example. And your clients will love it.

It brings advanced location targeting into the video advertising world. Even better… your client doesn’t have to create new videos to take advantage of it.

« Great. But how does it work? »

If a NEARBY User is on YouTube and has expressed an interest in the local business, then the Location Extension is eligible to appear in a box underneath In-Stream and Bumper ads.

Assuming you have already enabled and configured your Location Extensions, NO additional configuration is required. Nice.

The goal of course is to attract more “foot traffic” into your client’s store or office. It’s the essence of HYPER-LOCAL ADVERTISING.

So… for your part.
Confirm that your Location Extensions are correctly setup, but most importantly, that they are 100% accurate.

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3 Advanced Bid Adjustments

You have probably used bid adjustments for device types and locations. Or maybe you use them to lower your bids from midnight to 5am.

But these are the most common bid modifiers. Let’s look at 3 advanced ones that maybe you have never used.

If you have clients that sell an expensive product or service then you should consider raising your bids according to your target audience’s income level. If done correctly you will see that as income goes up so does your conversion rate.

This “targeting by income level” is available in…
(Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, US).

This rarely used bid modifier is for the Display Network. If you look under Advanced Bid Adjustments you will see a link for Top Content.

Here you will see a list of your ad campaigns that have a high number of impressions on web pages that Google determined to have “the most popular content”. These pages get more traffic and more visitor engagement than other websites.

Obviously you want more of your Display ads to appear here. This is where you increase your bids by applying the «Top Content Bid Adjustment».

If you are using Call Extensions then you’ll like this one. Look under Advanced Bid Adjustments on the left side panel. Here you will see a column metric called ‘Interaction Coverage’.

This represents the percentage of time that your Call Extension was shown when it was eligible to be shown.

If your ad has 100 mobile impressions, and the ‘Interaction Coverage’ column says 40%, then your Call Extension was displayed 40 times. But it was NOT shown in 60 of your ads.

Not good. You want your Call Extension to appear more often. No problem. Apply a Call Bid Adjustment here.

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Don’t Search For Your Own Ad

I’m sure you have heard the advice… “you shouldn’t perform searches for your own ad”.
And then you say to yourself… “no problem as long as I don’t click it”.

Bad Idea and Here’s Why:

♥ Click Through Rate Will Decrease
CTR is calculated using your number of clicks divided by the number of impressions your ad receives. Simple math tells us if you search your own ad but don’t click it, this will cause your click-through-rate to go down.

♥ Quality Score Will Decrease
One of the components of Quality Score is ‘expected click-through-rate’. You can see where this is headed. As you just read above, your CTR goes down and as a consequence so will your precious Quality Score.

♥ Impressions Will Decrease
The default ‘ad delivery method’ is Standard Delivery. This means that Google will “spread out” your ad impressions throughout the day. So if you search for your ad (and do it too often), you could actually be taking ad impressions away from customers.

♥ Ads Don’t Show Every Time
Even if you have a beautifully optimized campaign, this doesn’t mean your ad will appear every time somebody does a search. Human nature says that if this occurs to you, guess what you’re probably going to do — search for your ad again. Now you are really making things worse.

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3 Essential Location Reports

Do you know where your Visitors & Buyers are coming from? No, I mean do you REALLY know?

You can with these 3 LOCATION/GEOGRAPHIC reports:

  1. Geographic Report: Shows your potential customers’ physical locations, OR locations that they had shown interest in.
  2. User Locations Report: Shows ONLY the physical location of your potential customers
  3. Distance Report: Shows the distance between the location that triggered your ad and your closest business location.

Read closely the definition for Geographic Report because it has a fundamental weakness regarding a ‘LOCAL’ product or service: “locations that they had shown INTEREST IN”.

So depending on how you set up your ad campaign, a person can be anywhere in the world and appear in the Geographic Report (…even if you only have a LOCAL business).

But that’s not what you want. You want to know where all of these people are from (including those who aren’t in the local area but expressed an INTEREST).

What’s the solution?

You must OVERLAY the User Locations Report. Now you can see that people from the other side of the planet have expressed an interest in your local product or service (down to their country and city).

To finish up, you can do the same with the Distance Report: see how far away people are that have expressed an INTEREST (…but are not physically located nearby).

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Audiences Instead Of Keywords

Perhaps you’ve heard the “rumor” that Google is placing less emphasis on keywords. Or maybe at this point I’m just “stating the obvious”.

If so, what’s the replacement for keywords? AUDIENCES

So instead of targeting keywords, we target humans. You know… the people who actually buy what you’re selling.

Makes sense to me.

In the Google Ads dashboard you will find everything about audiences inside Audience Manager. This is one of the tools under Shared Library. It contains 3 components: «Audience Sources, Audience Lists, Audience Insights».

So how about a quick review of the different AUDIENCE SOURCES that you can use to create Audience Lists (also called remarketing lists)…

  • Customer Data: Collect Visitor email addresses or phone numbers so you can show ads to them while they use Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail
  • App Analytics: Connect an app analytics tool such as Firebase to your account so you can remarket to your app Users
  • Google Play: Create remarketing lists based on your current app Users and in-app Purchasers
  • YouTube: Show ads to Users who have visited your channel, plus track what they do after watching your video ads, and get clicks with call-to-action overlays
  • Google Analytics Tag: Import audiences that you created in Google Analytics so you can show ads to them via Google Ads
  • Google Ads Tag: Collect data from your website so you can show ads to your website Visitors


After you choose one of the above Audience Sources you are ready to create an Audience List (or Remarketing List) based on that source.

Inside Audience Lists you can also see any remarketing lists that you created previously.

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