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Have you ever wondered EXACTLY how the ‘Google Ads Auction’ determines which ads to show? Here it is…

  1. BUDGET: Does your campaign have enough daily budget remaining? If not, NO ad.
  2. AD DELIVERY: If your campaign does have the budget, ‘Ad Delivery’ decides how quickly to show your ads (accelerated), or less frequently but throughout the day (standard).
  3. AD ROTATION: You have the budget; speed of delivery has been determined; ‘Ad Rotation’ decides which one of your ads to show.
  4. BID: What is this ‘Maximum Cost Per Click’ you are willing to pay for someone to click this ad?
  5. QUALITY SCORE: This helps determine your “REAL” cost-per-click. If it’s too low you will pay more.
  6. THE SEARCH: This includes the User’s search query, location, time of day, device used, etc.
  7. AD FORMAT: This includes the text, ad extensions, ad variables, dynamic ads, etc.

There you have it. That’s the infamous Google Ads Auction.

Now your job is to decide where on the Search Results Page you want your ad to appear, how often, and what you want that ad to look like. Your decision will dictate how you configure all of these settings.

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