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Dynamic Search Ads In AdWords: Say Goodbye To Keywords


I. Introduction

Hello Internet Advertising Pros, and those of you who want to become an AdWords Professional. Thank you for participating in another ADWORDS WEEKEND. It’s lonely here without you. How about tutorial #3 – ”Dynamic Search Ads In AdWords: Say Goodbye To Keywords”.

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Now let’s create some Dynamic Search Ads.

II. What Are Dynamic Search Ads?

If you are tired of the never-ending battle of searching for keywords, then Dynamic Search Ads have arrived to rescue you like a super hero.

Or maybe you don’t mind the keyword game, but you lay awake at night worrying that you have missed some important ones. Wow, what a nerd. Good news though, Dynamic Search Ads can solve this problem also, by “filling in the gap” with ads dynamically created from Visitors’ search terms. The search terms that you overlooked. So go back to sleep.

If you have an AdWords client whose website contains hundreds of pages, or hundreds of products, then you should consider Dynamic Search Ads.

III. Select ‘Campaign Type’

When you begin, notice there is NOT a unique campaign type. You start a Dynamic Search Ad campaign by choosing Search Network.

IV. Choose a ‘Search Network Goal’

Then you choose a goal. To dispel the myth that Dynamic Search Ads are used only for Ecommerce websites, look closely at the available goals here. As you can see, it’s NOT true. There are other options besides the goal called Buy On Your Website.

To demonstrate, I’ll choose Express Interest On Your Website as my goal. This is used for lead generation activities.

Next, type in the URL of your client’s website and click CONTINUE.

V. Dynamic Search Ads Configuration

Under the Languages section, I ALWAYS target ALL LANGUAGES. If you are not sure why I do that please watch video tutorial #11.

Under the Bidding section, my recommendation is to always move away from the concept known as Cost Per Click. Instead, you should focus on Conversions and Automation, so I’m going to pick Maximize Conversions.

Under Daily Budget, enter an amount that is appropriate for your client’s account.

VI. Dynamic Search Ads Configuration (continued)

Next up is the Location Options section. Since I always segment my AdWords campaigns by countries, the logical choice here is People In Your Targeted Locations.

The final section is the most important. This is where you check the box to tell AdWords that this is NOT a standard campaign, it’s a Dynamic Search Ads campaign.

The domain line should already be pre-filled, because if you recall I entered the URL at the beginning when we started this entire configuration process.

Click SAVE AND CONTINUE and you are finished with the campaign setup.

VII. Ad Group Configuration

This leads us to the ’Ad Group Configuration’ screen. Notice how different it looks. Starting at the top where it says Ad Group Type, choose Dynamic. The only other option here is a Standard Ad Group.

Enter your Ad Group name: Webinar Registration – Retire in Ecuador. Do you recall the goal I chose at the beginning? — Express Interest On Your Website. My client runs a retirement website, so this campaign promotes his webinar registrations.

The next section asks you to choose your landing page target. You have 3 options here. For this section to make sense you simply need to remember one important distinction: “Dynamic Search Ads DO NOT use keywords”.

But if they don’t use keywords, then how do you write ads to target a landing page? My audience, this section answers that question.

  1. Option #1: target by category. But notice that it says “no categories are available for your website”. It says this because I just created the campaign, and Google requires 48 hours to crawl and index the website, and then decide what categories to offer. So return in 2 days and you will have categories from which to choose.

  2. Option #2: target specific web pages. This is self-explanatory. In my case, I typed in the URL that pertains to the webinar for “Retire In Ecuador”.

  3. Option #3: All Webpages. This one is easy. If you want to give AdWords the power to analyze your entire website, and then create ads for the topics that it finds, then this option is for you.

VIII. Write Your Ad

To finish up, we finally arrive at the ’Ad Creation Screen’. Have a close look at this page. There is a lot of information and plenty of text. However, there is actually only one thing you must do here. Write an 80 character description for the ad.

As you can see on the 3 lines above the description, AdWords takes care of everything else. And that my friends is the true power of Dynamic Search Ads.


You just watched ADWORDS WEEKEND Tutorial #3 – “Dynamic Search Ads In AdWords: Say Goodbye To Keywords”. I hope that it was helpful.

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I’ll see you back here for tutorial #4.

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