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I’m sure you have heard the advice… “you shouldn’t perform searches for your own ad”.
And then you say to yourself… “no problem as long as I don’t click it”.

Bad Idea and Here’s Why:

♥ Click Through Rate Will Decrease
CTR is calculated using your number of clicks divided by the number of impressions your ad receives. Simple math tells us if you search your own ad but don’t click it, this will cause your click-through-rate to go down.

♥ Quality Score Will Decrease
One of the components of Quality Score is ‘expected click-through-rate’. You can see where this is headed. As you just read above, your CTR goes down and as a consequence so will your precious Quality Score.

♥ Impressions Will Decrease
The default ‘ad delivery method’ is Standard Delivery. This means that Google will “spread out” your ad impressions throughout the day. So if you search for your ad (and do it too often), you could actually be taking ad impressions away from customers.

♥ Ads Don’t Show Every Time
Even if you have a beautifully optimized campaign, this doesn’t mean your ad will appear every time somebody does a search. Human nature says that if this occurs to you, guess what you’re probably going to do — search for your ad again. Now you are really making things worse.

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