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We Advertisers constantly read about the power of ‘remarketing ads’. True enough… but I hear very little regarding the specifics of VIDEO REMARKETING. Let’s have a look:

I’m really referring to people who have seen your YouTube videos, so step #1 is to link your Google Ads acccount and your YouTube channel. Go to  TOOLS -> LINKED ACCOUNTS  to complete this.

That was easy:
Now you are ready to create video remarketing lists that you can use with 3 campaign types: Search Network, Display Network, Video campaigns.

Next up:
Go to Tools -> Shared Library -> Audience Manager. Here you will see the menu item AUDIENCE LISTS. Click the blue ‘+’ button, choose YouTube Users, and you’re off to the races.

Once your YouTube Remarketing List reaches 100 members (unique YouTube Viewers), you can use it for campaign targeting with Search, Display, Video.

You can of course use the YouTube Remarketing List any time you create a new campaign, …but you don’t have to wait. You can take an existing campaign (or Ad Group) and do it now.


  1. Go to the Campaign or Ad Group that you want to add a remarketing list to
  2. Click the AUDIENCES menu item on the left sidebar
  3. Add your YouTube Remarketing List as the target
  4. Select the options that fit your situation

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