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A higher Quality Score means your ads can appear in the top positions for less money. The best advertisers don’t pay ‘retail price’ to show up there.

“Great Brady, but what does that have to do with landing pages?”

Because landing page experience is 1 of 3 components of Quality Score (expected click-through-rate & ad relevance are the other two).

And one of the best ways to improve ‘landing page experience’ is with a dedicated page as the target for each ad group… whenever possible.

Notice the “whenever possible”. That’s because I live in the real world of day-to-day online advertising so there could be reasons why your client’s website doesn’t allow for this.

« But You Should Always Try. »

So now the question is…

“What makes an awesome landing page experience that will keep Google happy?”

  • ◊ Ad title (or part of it) should be title of landing page
  • ◊ text from ad description should appear at top of page
  • ◊ Put ad description text in bold on the landing page
  • ◊ User’s search query should be in both ad & landing page

The key concept here is MESSAGE MATCH across search query -> ad -> landing page.

If you create dedicated landing pages with these 4 items, your cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition will go down.

…And you’ll be further up the search results page.

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