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Start With A Single Page

You decided to become a Google Ads Freelancer.

Problem … if you’re like most people you immediately begin to roll over in your brain all the countless things you must do to make it happen.

Overwhelm takes over. STOP. It doesn’t have to.

‡ Take for example a website.

You notice all the fancy websites everywhere and believe that you have to create the same.

To start, all you need is a one-page-website.

That’s because the first requirement of any Freelancer is … “a way for potential clients to contact you”.

A ONE-PAGE-WEBSITE does this. Let’s see.

1. Choose A Website Platform

My first choice is always WordPress. One-third of all websites use it. It’s easy to learn. Best of all — there exist hundreds of FREE one-page prebuilt templates waiting for you.

And when you’re ready to expand WordPress makes it simple to add pages.

Now you need a home for your one-page website. That’s next…

2. Choose A Website Host

Your ‘PAGE’ has to live somewhere on the Internet. A website hosting company provides this.

My two recommendations are HostGator or SiteGround. Yes, there are better (more expensive) companies. And yes, there are certainly cheaper ones.

But HostGator and SiteGround deliver that perfect balance between ‘price & quality’.

3. Choose An Email Service Provider

Remember my first requirement: “a way for potential clients to contact you”.

Email is the second piece of that answer. (Also phone calls, but that comes later.)

I like ConvertKit for email and building an audience. You can find dozens of articles that “sing the praises of ConvertKit”. Or just go to their website and decide for yourself.

4. Choose A Template & Fill In The Blanks

I mentioned in #1 that WordPress has hundreds of free prebuilt one-page templates. In the WordPress world these are called themes. Do a Google search for “best one page wordpress themes” and download a few.

A one-page website is enough to launch your freelance biz. Carry on, your freelance life awaits.

If You’re A Generalist You’re Losing Money

The opposite is to become a SPECIALIST in your chosen field. Wise choice.

But I do understand the temptation to be a ‘Generalist’.

Maybe you’ve been masterfully running Google Ads campaigns for awhile and you decide to “branch out” into another field …

… falsely believing that it will help you earn more money.

So you consider learning copywriting or web design or LinkedIn advertising.

But there’s ONE FAT FLAW with this strategy: the person who DID decide to become a copywriting expert will beat you and earn more in the process.

Those who DID choose to specialize in web design will outperform you and again make more than your ‘generalist’ approach.

I too am guilty of the Generalist trap.

I love learning something new. I enjoy the thrill of new discovery. It’s fun “knowing a little about a lot”.

But then I get bored and move on to something else. TIP: not a good way to develop your career or freelance business.

♥ And here’s another slap in the face:

That’s because the first 20 hours of learning something new is the easiest part.

Makes sense. You’re starting from zero. The beginning is simple.

Even the first half of climbing Mount Everest is not too difficult.

But what about the second half?
You know … the half where people die.

To Become A Specialist Requires REAL WORK

But the reward is a greater income with the freedom to work where & how you want.

Now I’ll leave you with one final point to ponder — if you’re a ‘Generalist’ and you visit a job board, under what category do you apply for a job?

… And I’ve never seen a GENERALIST section on Craigslist.

How To Become An Expert

You wake up one morning (or go for a walk and talk to yourself like I do) and decide that you want to become a Freelancer …an Entreprenuer.

You caught the “freedom & money bug”.
No, you’re not sick.

But then you ask yourself …“Self, now what?”

The ‘WHAT’ is that you must become an expert in your chosen field. If you’re reading this email I assume that’s Google Ads.

So now your question is . . .

How Do I Become An Expert At Something?

One method uses ‘Rapid Skill Acquisition’:

  1. Deconstructing a skill into small subskills.
  2. Learning enough about each subskill so you can practice intelligently and self-correct as you learn.
  3. Removing physical – mental – emotional barriers that interfere with learning each subskill.
  4. Practicing every subskill for a minimum 20 hours.

After ‘Rapid Skill Acquisition’ you’re ready to move on to TRUE MASTERY. Here are the steps:

  1. Discover Your Life’s Work: The first step towards mastery is inward – discovering who you are and what you desire your life to be.
  2. Apprenticeship: After your ‘traditional education’ you enter the ‘practical education’ stage. This is apprenticeship. Here you master ALL THE SKILLS of your chosen field and transform yourself into an independent thinker.
  3. Social Resistance: The greatest obstacle in your ‘pursuit of mastery’ comes from the discouragement of those around you. Mostly from people who have NEVER mastered anything.
  4. The Creative Mind: As you ‘learn and internalize’ your field of expertise your mind will become more active and creative.
  5. Mastery: You’re able to see more of the world. You can anticipate future trends. You now respond with speed and accuracy.

…You have become a FREELANCER.

Freelancer Work and Life Juggling

So you want to be a Google Ads Freelancer? Great. “But wait a minute Hotshot”. You must first master ‘work-life balance’.

I’m sure you’ve heard (or read) that phrase before. But notice my title. I changed it to « Freelancer Work & Life Juggling ».

That’s because when you first start out it feels like you are juggling life rather than balancing it. Picture pingpong balls flying through the air.

No worries.
3 quick tips to keep you going:

◊ Only 2 Items Are Important
If you’re like me every day you have a LONG to-do list. But the truth is… only 2 items on the list absolutely must be completed TODAY.

Your job every morning is to discover what those two priorities are for that day and focus on them.

◊ Create Boundaries
If you’re not careful “work will control you”. Trust me, you DON’T want to go there. You must know when to quit and take a break.

Because if you don’t you’ll hit what’s called « the law of diminishing returns ». Translation: the longer you work without a break the less productive you become.

In other words you reach a point where you’re just “spinning wheels and wasting time”. SO STOP.

◊ Go For A Walk
Yes, really. Yes, I mean it. When you do “hit the wall” and need a break — just go for a walk.

If you do that every day I ASSURE you that your mental and emotional state will improve. I gain clarity on my walks. It’s also when I get my most creative ideas.

Even better… when you return you’ll be more productive.

Are You Making These Excuses?

Want to become a Google Ads Freelancer but excuses are “holding you back”?

I know. I’ve been there. I eventually rejected the excuses and so can you.

« Here are some lies I told myself many years ago… »

1) I Don’t Have The Skills:
We all start from the same place… zero. So I have a trick to get your brain past this roadblock.

Think about something you do VERY WELL. Got it. Now think about the time when you knew nothing about this topic/skill. How did you get to where you are now when you started from nothing?

2) I Don’t Have The Time:
I made this excuse because I thought I needed to learn everything “all at once”. Bad plan.

Start studying/training Google Ads for 15 minutes a day. The next week increase this to 20. The following month study/train for 30 minutes a day. And on & on.

Best of all… you can accomplish this simply by waking up an hour earlier.

3) Too Much Competition:
I’ll just be blunt — “There’s no way in h#*% this is true”. The online advertising & marketing world is on fire. You should see the thousands of UNFILLED requests inside my AD SCHOOL Jobs Portal. (…and this is DAILY)

4) The Timing Isn’t Right:
Wrong. Read #3 again. The time has never been this good. Even advertising agencies themselves must now outsource to freelancers. Why? Too much work that requires expertise.

Don’t think that’s true?
Do a quick Google search for “white label ppc”.

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