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Callout Extensions in AdWords: Boost Click Through Rate


I. Introduction

Good day Internet Advertising Professionals, and all who want to become an AdWords Pro. This is ADWORDS WEEKEND, and you are watching video tutorial #3. What’s the title? “Callout Extensions In AdWords: Boost Click Through Rate”.

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Are you ready to create a Callout Extension?

II. What Are AdWords Callout Extensions

Rather than bore you with a purely verbal description of Callout Extensions, I’m going to take a shortcut and immediately look at some examples.

The first one is from Look directly underneath the standard AdWords ad. Do you see an extra line there? That’s the Callout Extension.

And I have a few things to point out regarding this line:

  1. Point #1: You can write up to 4 unique Callout Extensions and Google will display 3 or 4 of them.

  2. Point #2: The Callout text appears on one line and with each one separated by a dot.

  3. Point #3: They are NOT links that you can click. So for those of you who are ultra paranoid, you don’t have to worry about AdWords charging you something extra for this Extension since there is nothing to click on.

All right folks, on to the second ad. To change things up a bit, example number 2 is actually a Bing ad. Yes, Bing also uses Callout Extensions, and since they do, they must really be effective. It looks like the only difference is that Bing separates the Callout text with a dash instead of a dot. Now remember, the folks at Microsoft get paid a lot of money to think of these kinds of clever ways to distinguish themselves — so there you have it, a dash instead of a dot.

In the third image, “Topman Sneakers” enhances their ad with a Callout Extension that mentions “shipping” & “Returns” & “Sizes”.

Great, this is all quite straightforward. It looks like Callout Extensions are simply an extra line of text that AdWords gives you for FREE to further talk about your client’s company. Take advantage of it. In fact, I cannot think of a business reason why an AdWords account would not use Callout Extensions. But I like to think I’m open minded, so if anybody knows of a valid business reason for not writing Callout Extensions, please send me an email.

Okay, enough talk, let’s create one.

III. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

You see the usual lefthand sidebar. Click Ads & Extensions and then the EXTENSIONS tab at the top. This is the Ad Extensions Summary Screen. The Extension Type column only has a few Sitelink extensions that I just created. But if this is your first time this entire screen will be empty.

No worries, just click the blue + icon to create your new Callout Extension.

IV. Choose From The List Of Ad Extensions

Now you get to see what the complete list of Extensions looks like from which to choose. Click Callout Extension to begin the process.

V. Callout Extension Creation Screen

You configure a Callout Extension all on this single screen. As is common in the AdWords interface, on the right half of the screen is a live preview of your ad which dynamically changes as you write it.

It defaults to showing how your ad will appear on a phone. To see the tablet or laptop version, click this arrow here at the top.

Also notice that the Callout Extension is highlighted in white.

Your first step is to choose where or at what level you want to create the Extension. You have 3 choices:

  • Account level
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group

But before you decide, here’s an important point to remember. You can create this Ad Extension at the Account level, and then later on create another one at the Ad Group level which will override the Account.

My point is, you don’t have to actually delete anything you first created at the Account level, because a Campaign or Ad Group Extension will override it if you create one later on.

VI. Write Callout Text

To continue, type in your Callout Text here. Google will display 3 or 4 of these on a single line, so it’s best to keep them short. You have up to 25 characters. However, my usual advice is to NEVER use all of the character limit because you don’t know if the ad will appear on a phone with a small screen, or on a computer with a larger screen.

And one more thing: Do NOT repeat text that is already in your ad.

For the Callout Text I entered “24hr Customer Service”. After this video your assignment is to go through these steps 3 more times in order to end up with 4 Callout Extensions.

VII. Advanced Options

The final step is Advanced Options. There are 3 settings, but they are optional:

  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Extension Schedule.

If you do nothing under Advanced Options your Callout Extension will immediately become active and run continually. If that’s not your desire, these advanced settings are for you.

For example, let’s say I want to test numerous different Callouts and run them for 1 month. So for Start Date I entered April 1, End Date is April 30, and just as an example I set the Schedule to Mondays-Fridays.

You made it. Now click SAVE.

VIII. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

We are now back at the Ad Extensions Summary Screen where we began. Here’s the Callout Extension that I just created. Your job is to create 3 more.

Over time this list of all your Ad Extensions will become quite long. To see only a subset of specific types here on this screen, click this link Extension Type: All

IX. View Only A Subset Of Your Ad Extensions

Check the box Callout and that’s the only Ad Extension type you will now see in this list.

X. Summary Tips

I always finish with some Summary Tips so here they are:


Excellent, another episode of ADWORDS WEEKEND completed. I hope you found it useful as we looked at “Callout Extensions In AdWords: Boost Click Through Rate“.

You will find the transcript and all the screenshots on my website, including a PDF file download. Go get them at the shortcut link

And while you’re there, register for my FREE live monthly webclass.

And I hope to see you again for tutorial #4.

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