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Call Extensions in AdWords: How To Generate More Leads


I. Introduction

Greetings Internet Advertising Professionals, and all of you who want to become an AdWords Pro. You are watching ADWORDS WEEKEND video tutorial #4 with the title “Call Extensions In AdWords: How To Generate More Leads”.

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Now let’s create some Call Extensions?

II. What Is A Call Extension?

If you have a client who prefers that customers call the business when they see an AdWords ad, then Call Extensions are for you. As the name implies, this Extension creates an additional line in your ad with a click-to-call icon or button. So instead of clicking the ad to go to the businesses’ website, the customer clicks the telephone icon to place a call. No doubt you have seen many examples of this when you do a search on your phone.

You have to admit, that’s a pretty cool feature, so let’s create a Call Extension.

III. Set Up A Call Extension

As usual we look in the left side menu for Ads & Extensions, and then the EXTENSIONS link at the top. Click that standard blue + icon to create a new Ad Extension.

Here’s all of them in a nice list. Select Call Extension and you are ready to go.

IV. Call Extension Configuration Screen

AdWords immediately helps us out by giving us a large preview of what a Call Extension looks like within an ad, and logically it’s an ad on a mobile phone. With that in mind, we start at the top left by choosing where or a what level you want to create this Call Extension.

The first thing you should notice is that there is NOT an Account level option. So when you click this drop-down arrow, you only have 2 choices: Campaign or Ad Group.

After that, click the link Select Campaigns (or click Ad Group if that’s what you chose).

V. Campaign List

This opens a pop-up window with a list of every campaign in your account. Now before you get out of control here and start checking all the boxes in this list, remember that you are creating a Call Extension, so campaigns targeting other countries might not make any sense for you.

For example, notice how I have 3 campaigns that represent most of the English speaking world. However, since the goal is to generate a phone call, the only campaign I can choose here targets the United States/Canada/Puerto Rico.

VI. Call Extension Configuration Screen (continued)

Now on to the most important part — the phone number. Now I hate to state the obvious here, but you must of course type in the number according to the accepted format required in the country that you’re creating this for.

Great, let’s move on to Call Reporting. That’s a somewhat vague term because Call Reporting refers to Conversion Tracking. So this section is asking you if you want to use Phone Call Conversion Tracking. The default is OFF.

Let’s turn on Phone Call Conversion Tracking Or Call Reporting and have a look at the settings.

VII. Configure Phone Call Conversion Tracking

There are 2 checkboxes here; make sure both of them are selected.

It’s not very clear exactly what this first checkbox does unless you remember what I just said previously — that Call Reporting refers to Conversion Tracking. So what this line does is it creates a default Conversion Action and gives it a name of Calls from ads. So later on when you see your conversion reports, look for the same name “Calls from ads”.

The second checkbox gives this call extension priority over other call extensions when the ad appears on a mobile phone.

All right everybody, on to Advanced Options.

VIII. Advanced Options

The final section for Advanced Options is all about scheduling and you will see these same 3 options for most types of Ad Extension:

  1. Start Date
  2. End Date
  3. Extension Schedule

Since we are creating a Call Extension for a business, and ideally you NEVER want those calls to go to voicemail, you definitely want to make use of the last setting on this page, number 3.

As an example, I’m going to assume that this business is available to answer the phone at least 12 hours a day, so I set the Extension Schedule to 7:00am – 7:00pm.

Easy. Click SAVE and you are now ready to receive calls from an AdWords ad.

IX. Ad Extensions Summary Screen

Here we are back at the Ad Extensions Summary Screen where you can see at the top of the list the new Call Extension. If you want to go back and make any changes, just click the phone number.

X. Summary Tips

That wasn’t so bad was it. Let’s look at some SUMMARY TIPS.


Are you still with me? Great. Another episode of ADWORDS WEEKEND in the bag. I trust you found it useful as we learned about “Call Extensions In AdWords: How To Generate More Leads“.

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And please come back later for tutorial #5.

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