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If you’re not using the Google Ads AUCTION INSIGHTS tool to spy on and beat your competition — you should be.

Here’s what you can discover…

◊ Who Are Your Biggest Competitors:
Look at the ‘Overlap Rate’. This identifies how often another person’s ad received an impression in the same auction that you did. Now you know who REALLY is your competition instead of who you THINK they might be.
◊ How Much Are Your Competitors Spending:
Look at the ‘Impression Share’. This one is just an estimate so let’s take a simple example. If your Impression Share is 35% but your competitor’s is 70%, you can “guess” that their Google Ads budget is double what yours is.
◊ Identify Competitor Campaigns That Are Performing Better Than You:
Look at the ‘Position Above Rate’. This describes THEIR position above YOU. (Ouch.) You might not like what you see. But now that you know you can do something about it.

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