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Perhaps you’ve heard the “rumor” that Google is placing less emphasis on keywords. Or maybe at this point I’m just “stating the obvious”.

If so, what’s the replacement for keywords? AUDIENCES

So instead of targeting keywords, we target humans. You know… the people who actually buy what you’re selling.

Makes sense to me.

In the Google Ads dashboard you will find everything about audiences inside Audience Manager. This is one of the tools under Shared Library. It contains 3 components: «Audience Sources, Audience Lists, Audience Insights».

So how about a quick review of the different AUDIENCE SOURCES that you can use to create Audience Lists (also called remarketing lists)…

  • Customer Data: Collect Visitor email addresses or phone numbers so you can show ads to them while they use Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail
  • App Analytics: Connect an app analytics tool such as Firebase to your account so you can remarket to your app Users
  • Google Play: Create remarketing lists based on your current app Users and in-app Purchasers
  • YouTube: Show ads to Users who have visited your channel, plus track what they do after watching your video ads, and get clicks with call-to-action overlays
  • Google Analytics Tag: Import audiences that you created in Google Analytics so you can show ads to them via Google Ads
  • Google Ads Tag: Collect data from your website so you can show ads to your website Visitors


After you choose one of the above Audience Sources you are ready to create an Audience List (or Remarketing List) based on that source.

Inside Audience Lists you can also see any remarketing lists that you created previously.