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Want to become a Google Ads Freelancer but excuses are “holding you back”?

I know. I’ve been there. I eventually rejected the excuses and so can you.

« Here are some lies I told myself many years ago… »

1) I Don’t Have The Skills:
We all start from the same place… zero. So I have a trick to get your brain past this roadblock.

Think about something you do VERY WELL. Got it. Now think about the time when you knew nothing about this topic/skill. How did you get to where you are now when you started from nothing?

2) I Don’t Have The Time:
I made this excuse because I thought I needed to learn everything “all at once”. Bad plan.

Start studying/training Google Ads for 15 minutes a day. The next week increase this to 20. The following month study/train for 30 minutes a day. And on & on.

Best of all… you can accomplish this simply by waking up an hour earlier.

3) Too Much Competition:
I’ll just be blunt — “There’s no way in h#*% this is true”. The online advertising & marketing world is on fire. You should see the thousands of UNFILLED requests inside my AD SCHOOL Jobs Portal. (…and this is DAILY)

4) The Timing Isn’t Right:
Wrong. Read #3 again. The time has never been this good. Even advertising agencies themselves must now outsource to freelancers. Why? Too much work that requires expertise.

Don’t think that’s true?
Do a quick Google search for “white label ppc”.

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