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« So you want to advertise to English speakers all over the world? Sounds easy, right? »

You’re probably thinking, “I’ll just select ENGLISH under my campaign language setting and then write some ads.”

But you are ignoring something of extreme importance: much of the world speaks English as their SECOND LANGUAGE. English is NOT their native language. Think about the 28 countries of the European Union. Or how about India, South America, islands…

“So what” I hear you saying.

So the English speakers in those countries will probably have their WEB BROWSER LANGUAGE set to their native language. This means your ad will NOT appear even if they type their search in English instead of their native language.

Did you catch that last part?

Why does this happen?
Because the campaign language setting that I mentioned at the top refers to the language that your web browser or Google account is set to. You chose English, but they have theirs set to something else, …their native tongue.

What’s the solution?
I always select All Languages for my campaigns and then target by country (or large geographic area). Problem solved.

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