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« What is Ad Frequency Capping? »

One of the biggest villains of social media advertising is “AD FATIQUE”.

You know what that is. Your brain stops noticing advertising when it sees the same ad  << …hour-after-hour …day-after-day …week-after-week >>

It’s also known as “Banner Blindness”.
Did you know there are still advertising banners at the top of web pages? Oh yeah, I don’t see them either.

Regardless of what you call it, it’s an equal villain on the Google Display Network. When AD FATIGUE goes up, click-through-rate & conversion rate goes down. Wayyyyy down.

Bummer. What’s the solution? — Ad Frequency Capping.

Ad Freqency Capping specifies the number of times your ad will be shown to an individual User over a fixed time period. You can set this ‘maximum cap’ at 3 levels: Campaign, Ad Group, Ad. You can even go more granular by segmenting by day or week or month.

If you are running ads on the Google Display Network but haven’t checked your Ad Frequency Cap in a long time, do it now.

Or maybe you ignored this step entirely when you originally configured your GDN campaign. Bad move, because your click-through-rate and conversion-rate could be dropping as you read this.

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