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by Rushe Brady...
Google Ads Instructor,
Creator of Ad School

Ready For A New Career?
...A Career Change?
...Or Freelancing?

“Hi, Rushe here. I'm a Google Ads Instructor and the Creator of AD SCHOOL

... Frustrated because you can't find the training you need to build a Google Advertising CAREER or FREELANCE BUSINESS?


... what about ongoing education & certifications that are required so you can master new advertising methods thrown at you every month?


... how about the resources and support to help you find your next Google Ads job or freelance client?


... worst of all, you're not sure what you should be doing in order to grow your income?

No Worries...
The Solution Is Here...


“The Non-Course Alternative”

Finally, a real (...and permanent) Google Advertising Professional School that provides ONGOING training + tools + jobs to master “all things Google Ads” so you can build a high-income CAREER or FREELANCE BUSINESS working where & how you want.

What Am I Known For?


I have created the premier online Google Ads training website. 6 SCHOOLS covering every aspect of Google Advertising:
Search, Display, Video, Mobile & Local, Shopping, Analytics.

Google Ads Jobs Portal

Worried about finding your next Google Ads job or freelance client? Stop. I run the largest jobs directory dedicated to Google Advertising. AD SCHOOL members are never without work or clients.

Google Ads Library

I love libraries... the “REAL” ones. But the next best library is the vault of Google Ads articles I maintain inside AD SCHOOL. The world's largest. Covering every topic. Every question can be answered here.

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About Your Instructor

Hi, Rushe Brady here:

Every morning I wake up and control my income by “tweaking” and “manipulating” my own Google Ads campaigns and those of my clients. Now that's freedom... and you can do the same.

But how do I know - “you can do the same” - is a true statement? Because for years my face was slammed against that proverbial brick wall as I struggled to master the game of Google Advertising

“Until I beat the game.”

That's why I'm here -- to teach you everything I learned so you too can have a profitable Google advertising CAREER or FREELANCE BUSINESS.

That's the short story behind why I created AD SCHOOL.

Allow me to be your Guide on this journey towards a LIFE-CHANGING CAREER & INCOME for yourself and your family.

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