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Do you know where your Visitors & Buyers are coming from? No, I mean do you REALLY know?

You can with these 3 LOCATION/GEOGRAPHIC reports:

  1. Geographic Report: Shows your potential customers’ physical locations, OR locations that they had shown interest in.
  2. User Locations Report: Shows ONLY the physical location of your potential customers
  3. Distance Report: Shows the distance between the location that triggered your ad and your closest business location.

Read closely the definition for Geographic Report because it has a fundamental weakness regarding a ‘LOCAL’ product or service: “locations that they had shown INTEREST IN”.

So depending on how you set up your ad campaign, a person can be anywhere in the world and appear in the Geographic Report (…even if you only have a LOCAL business).

But that’s not what you want. You want to know where all of these people are from (including those who aren’t in the local area but expressed an INTEREST).

What’s the solution?

You must OVERLAY the User Locations Report. Now you can see that people from the other side of the planet have expressed an interest in your local product or service (down to their country and city).

To finish up, you can do the same with the Distance Report: see how far away people are that have expressed an INTEREST (…but are not physically located nearby).