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You have probably used bid adjustments for device types and locations. Or maybe you use them to lower your bids from midnight to 5am.

But these are the most common bid modifiers. Let’s look at 3 advanced ones that maybe you have never used.

If you have clients that sell an expensive product or service then you should consider raising your bids according to your target audience’s income level. If done correctly you will see that as income goes up so does your conversion rate.

This “targeting by income level” is available in…
(Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, US).

This rarely used bid modifier is for the Display Network. If you look under Advanced Bid Adjustments you will see a link for Top Content.

Here you will see a list of your ad campaigns that have a high number of impressions on web pages that Google determined to have “the most popular content”. These pages get more traffic and more visitor engagement than other websites.

Obviously you want more of your Display ads to appear here. This is where you increase your bids by applying the «Top Content Bid Adjustment».

If you are using Call Extensions then you’ll like this one. Look under Advanced Bid Adjustments on the left side panel. Here you will see a column metric called ‘Interaction Coverage’.

This represents the percentage of time that your Call Extension was shown when it was eligible to be shown.

If your ad has 100 mobile impressions, and the ‘Interaction Coverage’ column says 40%, then your Call Extension was displayed 40 times. But it was NOT shown in 60 of your ads.

Not good. You want your Call Extension to appear more often. No problem. Apply a Call Bid Adjustment here.

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